Integrated media experiences throughout the lobby and the exterior to reinforce the hip factor at this Seattle building

ESI Design gave Beacon Capital Partners and the residents of Seattle a bold new look for the 76-story Columbia Center, the city’s tallest building. Upgrades include new crown lighting, dynamic media signage and a series of three animated light sculptures, all of which are continually refreshed with dynamic content.

The most striking feature of the property’s new identity is the animated multi-color LED lighting on the crowns of the three towers. The lights can be programmed to celebrate local and national events, including being able to respond in real-time to sporting events at Century Field. The crowns animate on the hour to serve as a timepiece for the city, and a default color changes each month according to the seasons. The building sends a tweet every morning letting the community know what it is celebrating that day.

New exterior signage features LED strips that mirror the crown’s animations at street level. Inside the building, three different light sculptures, or “Skylights,” change color and pattern based on the weather and time of day. Nearby tablets decode the sculptures’ colors and animations.


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