Multiple digital experiences creating a brand identity for a Silicon Valley headquarters

When eBay spun off PayPal, the company wanted a new, forward-thinking approach to its brand identity. eBay engaged with my team at ESI Design to create a central building called Main Street on its Silicon Valley campus that would serve as the company’s new front door. “Buildings are symbols of your culture and of your brand,” said CEO Devin Wenig at the building’s grand opening.

Main Street welcomes employees and partners into a stylish, media-rich setting that captures the intense pulse of eBay’s business. It also provides much-needed flexible, well-equipped spaces to host meetings, conferences, and events.

For Main Street’s multi-surface media experience, ESI had to find a way to tell a story about eBay that was engaging, inspirational and fun. Working closely with eBay personnel, the design team distilled a digestible story about the company from its vast amounts of user and product data. Live, generative statistics from eBay product transactions are integrated with pre-produced content that shows how eBay’s community of employees, buyers, and sellers impact the marketplace and charitable giving.


Interaction Design Lead

I lead the UX design for each digital experience in the space, including the 55-foot LED Iconic Display in the Main Hall, the data visualization Multi-Touch Wall in the Lobby, and even the AMX panels that connected the hardware and software.

At the Multi-Touch Wall, I worked with eBay client teams around the world to distill interesting data points that had previously been only employee-facing. I directly engaged the eBay Data Services team to develop a custom "Main Street API" that would string together data points from across data repositories at the fastest response possible. I developed interactive web-based wireframes to communicate how I envisioned the data dashboard UI would most intuitively return data to the visitors. Throughout Production, our design team relied on a data parser I developed in PHP and Javascript to monitor the data feeds and iterate our design to effectively support these data anomalies. On-site, I ensured each of our digital experiences were inline with the strict corporate network mandates to deliver content within legal and IT requirements.



Final Experience