Led UX design of multiple digital experiences to reinvigorate eBay's brand at their new Welcome Center in Silicon Valley

When eBay spun off PayPal, the company wanted a new, forward-thinking approach to its brand identity. eBay engaged with my team at ESI Design to create a central building called Main Street on its Silicon Valley campus that would serve as the company’s new front door.

Main Street welcomes employees and partners into a stylish, media-rich setting that captures the intense pulse of eBay’s business. It also provides much-needed flexible, well-equipped spaces to host meetings, conferences, and events.


User Experience/Interaction Design Lead

I led the UX design for each digital experience in the space, including the data visualization experience that stretched over a Multi-Touch Wall and immersive LED Columns in the Lobby, a 55-foot LED Iconic Display in the Main Hall, and even the AMX panels that connected the hardware and software.

At the Multi-Touch Wall, I worked with eBay client teams around the world to distill interesting data points that had previously been only employee-facing. I directly engaged the eBay Data Services team to develop a custom "Main Street API" that would string together data points from across data repositories at the fastest response possible. I developed interactive web-based wireframes to communicate how I envisioned the data dashboard UI would most intuitively return data to the visitors. Throughout Production, our design team relied on a data parser I developed in PHP and Javascript to monitor the data feeds and iterate our design to effectively support these data anomalies. With a full-scale technology and software mock-up, I completed user tests with subsets across different disciplines, including data scientists, technologists, executives, and outside users. Based on user feedback, I worked with the software developers to generate improvements to be implemented before install. On site, I ensured each of our digital experiences were inline with the strict corporate network mandates to deliver content within legal and IT requirements.



Final Experience