An animated logo and informative media program to enliven a Seattle building

Exchange Building is a 23-story art deco building located in downtown Seattle. Completed in 1930, we aimed to preserve the architectural structure by retrofitting two original building directories to become the frames for our dynamic media program. The media program featured historical information, weather, local events, and a "Seattle Stories" theme, which pulled curated Seattle-specific quotes from poetry literature and music. To enhance the newly developed logo and font treatment for the building, I proposed an animated logo design to introduce each media moment, as shown in the video above.

The visual look is clean and simple with flourishes of graphic representations of architectural details throughout the building. We research several forms of mirrored glass materials to provide a unique backdrop for the media where the animated text and imagery seems to emerge from the walls. Content was presented in within a 98" LCD screen and a 2x1 55" LCD screen array.

In addition to the media program, I designed two variations of the building directory; both as a persistent media element and as interactive touchscreen experience.


Interaction Design Lead